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Group discussions as a mechanism for promoting high-level comprehension of text

Quality Talk is an approach to conducting discussions to promote students’ high-level comprehension of text, where high-level comprehension refers to critical-reflective thinking about and around text. It is premised on the belief that talk is a tool for thinking, and that certain kinds of talk can contribute to high-level comprehension. Quality Talk is built on an extensive analysis of various approaches to conducting classroom discussions, and it combines the best features of extant approaches while giving prominence to those features that emphasize a critical-analytic orientation toward text.

Quality Talk is a collaborative project between The Ohio State University and Penn State.

Quality Talk was developed through funding by the Institute of Education Sciences, U. S. Department of Education under PR/Award No. R305G020075 “Group Discussions as a Mechanism for Promoting High-Level Comprehension of Text.”

Research methods employed included research synthesis, analysis of classroom discourse, meta-analysis, and experimental methods.